Are there any download or streaming limits?

Downloads and streaming on our sites are virtually unlimited for 99.9% of users.  We do utilize bandwidth caps and simultaneous download limits on the websites on a per-user, per-day basis to prevent aggressive downloading and content scraping on our sites.  This is to ensure the content stays exclusive for members and to ensure malcious actors cannot affect the website performance.

While the actual bandwidth limit is not publically available, in our testing, 99.9% of users have never reached their daily limit for content.  If you do happen to exceed your daily limit, a temporary block will be placed on your membership and you will be notified you have exceeded your daily limit.  Multiple violations of this limit may result in the immediate cancelation of your subscription with no refund.

The use of download managers or other ‘scraping’ techniques to try to circumvent the simultaneous download limit is strictly prohibited and will result in the immediate cancelation of your subscription.