Membership Cancellation

Membership Cancellations

Your subscription payments are managed by a third party biller.  The name of the biller is included in your initial signup confirmation email.  In order to cancel your subscription and stop your membership, please visit the website of the billing partner.  You will need the username and email address you entered when you signed up. […]

Billing Partners

In order to provide a wide range of payment options for our customers, we use multiple trusted (third party) billing partners for our websites. They are specified below. PAYZE/IMGIMG accepts debit/credit cards to process payment. EPOCHEpoch accepts debit/credit cards or PayPal to process payment. VENDOVendo accepts debit/credit cards to process payment. CCBillCCBill accepts credit card […]

Refund Policy

Membership refunds are considered for genuine reasons on case by case basis. Click here to contact the customer support with your inquiry. The following scenarios scenarios not eligible for refunds: “I forgot to cancel” Membership cancellation is a simple process. You may cancel your subscription at any time and you will still have access until your current membership […]